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How to Brew Coffee using your Drip Bag Coffee?

Open and Hang

Quick Tips !
Factors that Affect Flavor

The ratio of coffee to water
Cooking time
Water temperature
Size of ground beans

Pour Hot Water

Quick Tips !

you have to pour the water slowly

Approximate time per 200 ml cup is at least a minute

When pouring coffee with hot water, leave it for 1-2 minutes


Quick Tips !

Remove the cardboard handle of the bag from the edges of the cup, tuck it in, and remove the bag

The bag is no longer needed, throw it in the trash and drink a cup of hot, natural, strong coffee without any sediment.

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All Drip Bag Coffee Products!

On Sale
All Drip Bag Coffee Products!

On Sale
All Drip Bag Coffee Products!

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Articles Coming Soon